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You might find us whimsical, cute, or even a little fierce looking. But we are very serious about the quality of our products. Made from the finest products, searched out by the WH himself. We know you are going to love ‘EM! It’s just that simple.


Stability and fortitude in the face of adversity:

Hippopotamus comes from the Greek word Potamos (River) Hippos (horse). They are the river horses of the world. We love “em”! Known for their fierce attitudes and gentle appearance. But when they roar people take notice!

Dont just be the best dressed on the first tee, be the best dressed in the office and out with your friends



You’re strong enough:

In ancient times the Hippo was known for its hidden strength, stability in the face of adversity, intelligence and wisdom, and self-confidence.

White Hippo Golf is a lifestyle, golf, and apparel brand that specializes in modern and stylish apparel with a dedication to comfort and relationship building. Built from a strong social drive to be inclusive, fun, and wildly refined, the goal of White Hippo Golf is to create opportunities for self-expression while maintaining the strong ties of friendship and community that are a part of the traditions of golf.


Wildly Refined:

With a focus on community and individualism, White Hippo Golf works to be eco-friendly and to participate in local communities as a resource for good. White Hippo Golf invites everyone to join in the right to express yourself and find your own ways to be wildly refined.


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